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Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Schools

As a teen, school is both fortunately and unfortunately a part of my everyday life. Sometimes I love it, other times (read: mostly) I grumble and groan about it. So incorporating a school into a story doesn't exactly sound thrilling...but! The wonderful thing about imagination is being able to craft anything from it. 

   Whether your characters are in a public or private school, home-schooled, or being tutored (or in a fancy magical school) you can have fun with it! To help you out with creating a fictional school, I've compiled a list of questions to ask yourself:

1) Where is the school located? Is it in a busy, populated area, or isolated from the nearest town/city? Is it on a hill, and are floors staggered? Is it several stories high? How can students travel there?

2) How many classrooms are there? What do they look like? How are the desks arranged? Are there even desks, or do they use tables, or sit on the floor?

3) How are students arranged to sit? Are they allowed to cho…

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