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Am Currently... NaNo-ing (#11)

A very strange, highly unusual thing has happened. No, I am not discussing the fact that the weather forecast said heavy rain, and there's sunshine. I'm talking about how I am actually *gasp* ahead for NaNo! In between the writing frenzy, some other things are happening as well, and so what do I have for you today?

   Another Am Currently!

    I recently cracked open This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and goodness, I was blown away. Though some parts of it I was unsure of, the story carried me along and ripped the breath from me. It's been my reading highlight of the year so far! I also read Violent Grenade by Victoria Scott (seems to be a Victoria month) which was...interesting! In a good but slightly--make that very--creepy way?
    I'm very eager to start reading my signed copy of White Wolf and the Ash Princess by my friend Tammy Lash, and get my hands on a copy of So Sang the Dawn by another lovely friend, AnnMarie Pavese. So many exciting books coming out!

NaNo has …

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