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The Language of Worlds Link-Up #3

It's time again for another link-up! The wonderful Liv created 'The Language of Worlds' to help everyone get to know their characters better, and she's come up with some great questions this time! 

The last two link-ups I talked about characters from Silver Storm and The Tears We Bleed, and just to confuse you all (and not because I have a million stories on the go right now), today I'll be answering the questions for my two main Golden Revenge POVs; Mida and Taylan. I'm currently rewriting half the story, after receiving beta feedback last year, and I'm loving its new direction.

Now, to the questions!

What does your character fear the most?

Mida -- She's afraid of having hope, and then having it torn away.

Taylan -- Of never finding peace, and constantly being caught up in this state of inner and outer turmoil wherever he goes.

How would they handle it if they were to face their fear?

Mida -- She would go cold, turn off all her emotions, and be removed from p…

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