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The Language of Worlds Link-Up #2

I'm so excited to be joining in with this wonderful link up once more! Not only that, but today I'll be answering the great questions Liv K Fisher designed, about Kebron, from a new story of mine! He's one of the main POVs for The Tears We Bleed, a novel I hope to soon first draft. 

Here's a blurb about the story, before we jump into the questions:

Kebron Vanjariah is the half-loved son of a human tear mine owner. In between selling bottled tears to golden clientele, and mastering his tattooing skills, he hopes to one day live up to his dead brother’s plans for the family business. When he’s sent to inspect the tear mines, Kebron is confronted with the sickly truth of how the tears are collected. Caught between love for his family, and a growing revulsion at source of the family fortune, Kebron must choose to turn a blind eye, or risk driving everyone he loves into ruin.

Ilisa Samshon is the sworn protector of her clan’s chief, turned slave. In the depths of the tear mine…

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