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To Be a Writer

To be a writer
Is to cup worlds in your hands,
Breathe life onto silken green plains, form mountains with your fingertips,
As your mind crafts cities out of dust and imagination.
It is to plant valleys and peaks, to sow civilization into paper and ink maps
That gain colour in the current of your thoughts.

To be a writer
Is to look at the world through a different lens,
To stand before a tree, and see not what it might make, but how it became.
To see the beauty in the jotted lines of leaves' spiderweb veins,
To imagine who has stood before it, neck craned,
Face bare to the sky and to life.

To be a writer
Is to transform thoughts into symbols.
Symbols, into understanding. And understanding, into images.
It is to arrange and rearrange twenty-six letters to sing a soundless tune.
It is tapping keys, scratching pens, and spilled ink,
Trying to make black and white sing.

To be a writer
Is to bare the self.
Expose raw rivers of emotions, and pains which grieve or delight the soul,
So as to brush the reader i…

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