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5 Lessons Learned from the Anastasia Soundtrack (Broadway)

Writers can learn from anything, especially different forms of storytelling. Storytelling can range from art, to novels, to theatre, to music. I love looking into other forms of storytelling, studying them, and applying the lessons learned to my own writing! 
Recently I've been obsessed with the 'Anastasia' broadway soundtrack, and there is so much to learn from its songs. So today, I'm going to be sharing five of the lessons I learned from this wonderful soundtrack, that can apply to writing!

The Power of Sound
Sound is an important tool in both songwriting and in novels. Often only visuals are used to convey the mood of a scene, but along with the other senses, what you hear can do the same. In Anastasia, the songwriters use different sounds to put the audience in different mindsets. In Still/The Neva Flows Reprise, a pause comes before (gun clicks). The first time I listened to the song, when they stopped singing, paused, and I heard the gun clicking, my heart stopped …

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