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What If Your Story Isn't Original Enough?

Two days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram, oohing and ahhing over gorgeous book photos. Then I stopped, and I stared. I had landed on a photo of a book, with a cover and title similar to what I imagined my WIP's might be in the future. Surely it's different, I thought. Surely.

So I looked the book up on Goodreads. As I read the blurb, my heart sunk, and sunk. My beautiful story idea, my premise, elements of my cover and title...they were already published, in another writer's book.

I'll be honest here: I felt like crying. I felt like walking away from the story in that instant, declaring it had already been done before, that it wasn't worth it to keep working on it.

Some stubborn part of me scrolled down into the reviews. I was curious, I suppose, to see what others' thought of the book -- or the premise we shared. As I dug deeper, and as my emotions began to settle, I began to notice things mentioned in the review. The POV focus was different, I didn't …

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