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Questions to Ask When Creating Fictional Monarchies

It can be hard to find a fantasy story without kings, queens, princes, and princesses. I would argue that they could be considered a vital part in forming the feeling of a classic epic fantasy. If you look around in a bookstore, 'crown', 'queen', 'prince' and 'king' are everywhere in titles for the genre. They're even in some dystopian or contemporary!

    So how do you make your monarchy stand out? How do you make it feel like yours? Today I hope that with a list of questions to ask yourself, I'll be able to help spark an idea of how to make your story's monarchy shine.

1) What type of monarchy is it? Is it absolute, symbolic, or constitutional? Said in another way, how much power does the monarch have, and how much do the people have?

2) Who is considered the head of the monarchy? Is it defined by gender (eg. is a queen always below a king, unless she is unmarried), or something else?

3) How is the heir chosen? Is it always the eldest chil…

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