I'm so excited to say today I'm joining a new link-up! It made my heart ache to see Beautiful People go, especially when it had help...

I'm so excited to say today I'm joining a new link-up! It made my heart ache to see Beautiful People go, especially when it had helped me develop my characters from various projects ever since I started joining in. But Liv K Fisher came to the rescue, and now we have a new link-up: The Language of Worlds!

The questions are tailored for speculative Christian fiction, but most of them could be applied to any story, and everyone is welcome! So without further ado, let's get to the questions!

1) Introduce your character and his/her story!

Damla is one of Silver Storm's POVs. Unaware of who her father is, and with her mother in prison, she grew up in an orphanage until she turned thirteen. Around that time she began to discover there was something she could do that no one else around her could -- talk to, and control, the rain.

Her story in SS starts with her enrolled in the Stormdancing Academy, visiting her mother in prison for the first time. But when all her hopes of having a relationship with her mother are crushed, she has to fight for a family through unconventional means.

2) What does he/she (your character) look for in a friend? Consciously or subconsciously?

Absolute, and complete loyalty. Growing up, Damla tried to fill the yearning of wanting a family with friendship, and for a time, it worked. (Note: 'for a time'.) She also subconsciously needs a listening ear who will hear her cry her heart out.

3) If he/she could study any foreign language, what would it be?

Trestlin, for reasons that would have too many spoilers.

4) Which person from the Bible would he/she be besties with? Why?

Probably Esther! Damla would admire her loyalty to her people, and her bravery.

5) If he/she were to visit you for a week, what would you do together?

I expect Damla would take me out into the national park, and sing a storm into life for me. (I would be both terrified and impressed.) Apart from that, I think she'd just enjoy to have someone to talk to and explore the city with, not necessarily on all these big adventures, but the small moments you remember most.

6) What is his/her ideal future?

Having a loving, perfect family who accept her for who she is.

7) If he/she were to spend a weekend alone, what sort of pastimes would he/she pursue?

Considering she spends most of her time alone, she'd likely resume normal life. If she was in the wilderness, she might experiment with the more dangerous elements of her power -- striking things with lightning bolts. In the evenings she might sew, or take a walk.

8) If you could send your character a care package, what would be in it?

The Bible, a little bundle of fresh flowers, goat milk soap, a new dress, and a book of motivational quotes.

9) Is there a song that describes your character's journey?

I'm torn between 'In My Dreams' from the Anastasia Musical Soundtrack, for when Damla's hurting and dreaming at the same time, and 'Lash Out' by Alice Merton for when anger seizes her.

10) What is your character's place in the story (hero, antihero, villain, sidekick, etc.)?

Damla's an interesting character, as she works for the MC sometimes, and then other times completely against. So she's nearly a contagonist!

What do you think of Damla? Would you like to be able to control storms? Tell me about one of your characters! What is their ideal future, and what would you send them in a care package?
Have a wonderful week, and best of luck with your writing! <3

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    1. Thank you Brooklyne! So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Ahhhh I'm obsessed with this character!! She sounds so cool!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. Awww thanks so much Nabila! It means a lot to hear that. <3

  3. I love the idea of storm dancing!

  4. This is such a lovely post and your character sounds amazinggg! :)

    Grace Louise || www.gracelouiseofficial.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Aw thank you Grace, that's so lovely of you to say so! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, a new link up to replace BP? Yay!!!

    Damla sounds really well-rounded, I like her a lot !


    1. Isn't it great??? I was so excited when I saw it! :D

      Aw, thanks so much!

  6. Finally got to reading this! Yay something to get my character fix in on my blog. Damla sounds really interesting. I like seeing more storm dancers. ^ ^

    1. I can't wait to see your answers to these questions for your precious charries. :) Aw thank you Victoria, I'm glad! <3