The last month has been a chaotic mess of running around airports, trying to straighten out school enrollment, and adjusting to what se...

     The last month has been a chaotic mess of running around airports, trying to straighten out school enrollment, and adjusting to what seems to be an entirely different world. 

     In other words, I'm now in Australia. My plane landed a little over a month ago, which is crazy to think about; time has both rushed past and dragged on. But enough about that for now! First I'll crack into the other things I am currently doing.

    For my Extension English class, we're reading Dracula. I wouldn't say that I'm enjoying it, as the pages upon pages of descriptions aren't exactly my style, but it is slowly becoming more interesting. I'm not much a horror fan, so hopefully the 400 plus pages will be worth it in the end.

   As for pleasure reading, I may or may not have gone on a bookstore splurge and when the lady in the shop asked if I needed assistance, said, "No thanks, I'm just in heaven right now." *facepalm* Excuse me while I go hide in a hole and sew my mouth shut.

   Yes, so moving on from that embarrassing moment; I'm about halfway through Safe Lands: Captives by Jill Williamson. The world-building is spectacular and I'm loving all the different POVs with their distinct voices. Thoroughly enjoying it. My next read will either be The Shadow Queen or Empire of Storms. Let me know which one I should read next!

     A lot of exciting things to announce here! The first of which is that I'll be writing a piece for Project Canvas. It's an amazing collaborative writing project for teen writers, about sharing tips and talking about all things writing! If you're interested in writing a piece for them, I totally suggest checking their topics page out and getting in touch. It's a fantastic opportunity!

    I wouldn't say that my personal writing life has flourished lately, but it has showed buds of promise. In my last post I revealed my latest project, Splintered Crown, which I'm currently world-building and brainstorming for. I expect I'll be doing that over the next few months, as well as doing a read-through of Golden Revenge's first draft (remember that old idea?). After that, it'll be a break for a week before I attempt to tackle this monster of a stand-a-lone novel.

    If you're wondering about Draped in Deception, well, I'm sorry to say that I'll be leaving that book alone for some time. We've had to break up several times now, and I hope we'll get back together eventually, but it might be awhile. It has a lot of issues that need sorting out, and they require more time than I have at the moment.

     I am in LOVE with the soundtrack of La La Land, despite not having seen the movie (so no spoilers please!). I basically have all the songs on repeat all day, and my favourite would have to be 'Another Day of Sun.' Apart from that, I'm enjoying 'Church Bells' by Carrie Underwood and any NF song ever.

    Surprisingly okay. I think the happy musical soundtrack blaring in my ears helps, which is nice considering I've been having a mix of highs and super lows recently. Settling into life in Australia has been really, really, hard, and not only the broken down cars and delayed flights, but the sheer mental energy it's taking. 

    I've been exposed to a place where I know almost nobody outside my family, and finding connections to people I've shared no experience with is...well, it's hard. I should be a better writer and think of a synonym, but 'hard' already sums it up well enough. Thankfully I've met some of the nicest people, and they've been an awesome help (you know who you are, lovelies).

    I am missing Thailand and my old life and friends, and that's okay. I would be concerned if my heart didn't ache for them, and it does. For now I just need to plow forward, stretch into the new, and keep my sanity through my love of words.

Enough about me; let's talk about you! What are you reading at the moment? How's your writing coming along? Anyone else obsessed with La La Land's soundtrack?
Let me know in the comments, and have an awesome month! <3

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  1. This past month seemed really busy for you!! I hope that you're adjusting in Australia better now :)

    This year surprisingly has been amazing in terms of reading? I know it's just the start of the year but I've read more than what I read last year in five months alone! I just finished reading Caraval, which was a pleasant enough fantasy, and now I'm reading Dear Killer.

    I say Empire of Storms! The Shadow Queen seems really interesting (based on the reviews and blurb I've read online) but when I read I usually get series books out of the way first, so I can concentrate more and immerse myself in a whole new series after.

    Writing isn't going as well as I expected on the other hand, but I am still pushing forward. :)

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Thank you! It's still pretty difficult, but it's slowly getting better. :) That's awesome that you've had so many great books to read this year! I've heard mixed reviews about Caraval, but I might read it just to experience the intricate world-building readers have told me about. Dear Killer--I'll have to look that one up. Is it any good?

      I'll probably read Empire of Storms next, though the thickness of it scares me, haha. The Shadow Queen was good, yes. XD I totally get that; waiting so long for the next book can be very annoying.

      I hope your writing becomes better for you. :D Thanks so much for commenting, Andrea! <3

  2. Sounds like you've had a very busy month! Moving to a whole other country is huge, so I'm sure once you get used to it some more, you'll start to settle in properly! :)
    I read Dracula at university, and I can't say I enjoyed it that much myself. The really long descriptions are kind of hard to read, and I found the different formats annoying. Like it starts as letters, and then changes, and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it! I guess I just expected more from such a famous book, and I think it hasn't aged as well as other books of the time. It's definitely interesting to read though, as one of the most famous examples of vampire-related horror! :)
    And I'd definitely recommend Empire of Storms! I haven't read The Shadow Queen, so I can't say what that's like, but I loved Empire of Storms, although it did have it's faults.
    I hope you have a good month, and good luck with the writing! :)

    1. Thanks Laura! It is a very huge step, and I'm sure it will have its good and bad days. :)
      Yeah, the format is quite odd. I wish it would stay consistent to letters and journal entries instead of throwing in a twenty page description of a storm. That was really hard to get through. Some parts are interesting, but others, not so much!
      Okay, hopefully I love Empire of Storms as well! Thanks so much for commenting and good luck with your own writing! <3