Greetings everyone. I'm Isla, and it really is so wonderful to meet you. *offers a cup of ginger tea* I'm so glad we could sit...

      Greetings everyone. I'm Isla, and it really is so wonderful to meet you. *offers a cup of ginger tea* I'm so glad we could sit down and chat today. How are you?

      Once again, I'm going to interrupt our lovely guest speaker here today. This is Melissa speaking in italics, by the way. Today Isla from Safe-House will be answering a few questions about her personality, job, family, etc. I did a previous post with a similar format with Mercy if you'd like to check it out, and here's some background on Safe-House.

     Okay Isla, are you ready?

    Of course!

1) What is your role in the Safe-House?
      I'm the maid, or overall helper, though technically I'm not paid, as I'm an indentured servant.

2) How did you become an indentured servant?

     I lived with my uncle growing up, and he was big on gambling. From betting on knuckle-bones, to card games, to how many days it would rain that month. He was a good man at heart, really; he took me in after my parents caught a deadly disease that swept the city, but he didn't know when to stop betting. He got in some deep debts with those in the Rat Guild, and when he couldn't pay them he...well, he sold me, to put it quite simply.

     The Rat Guild takes criminal activity that one step across the line. While the Desirable Goods Guild sells drugs, and illegal goods, the Rat Guild deals in people. Selling people. Because they bought me for such a high price, it took several months to find someone who would double that price to buy me. But Zelma--she's the founder and headmistress of the Safe-House--paid it, so now I work for her. The pay I would receive every month if I was a regular servant is instead crossed off of the debt I now owe to Zelma.

Symbol of the Rat Guild
3) Three quick facts about you?

     #1: I believe strongly that if you do good for others, then good will come onto you, whether in this life or the next ones.

     #2: Ginger tea is my absolute favourite drink of all time

     #3: I'll take harmony over intrigue any day

4) What's your greatest fear?

     I guess...that I won't be able to fix things. That conflict will just keep happening, continuously getting worse, and that I won't have a positive impact on any of it--and everyone will hate me because of it. That would be a nightmare.

5) Any passions?

    Creating things gives me a lot of joy. I love to be able to take what other people might discard and recreate it into something beautiful. Everything deserves a second chance.

6) If you could leave the Safe-House a free woman, what would you do?

    Wow, that's difficult. I suppose I've always been thinking about how long it will be until I've paid my debts, not what comes after. I'd like to leave Low End, where all the Guilds are based and hope seems forgotten, and get some sort of creative job if I can. Nothing feels as good as creating, you know?

    I do indeed Isla. Thanks for joining us!

How is your WIP coming along? Are you editing or drafting right now? Any suggestions for which character I should have guest post next?
Let us know in the comments, and good luck with your writing! <3

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  1. I need to finish my WIP novella up today....AGH.

    And I absolutely love this post idea! I may have to steal it - with due credit, of course.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Oh good luck with finishing that! Hopefully you won't get writer's block. XD Aw thank you. No worries, feel free to borrow it with some credit! :D Thanks so much for commenting Ellie!

  2. Have I told you how cool your nano novel is? I LOVE YOUR IDEA SO MUCH AHHH. but you didn't say where YOU are in writing right now! I'm taking a break from writing right now, planning to finish draft two of last year's nano novel in a week or so. What about you?

    1. Thanks Hannah! :D I'm still working on first drafting Safe-House as my novels tend to be far over 50K, as well as juggling a massive rewrite of Draped in Deception. XD It's always good to take breaks; I might take one mid-January. Thanks so much for commenting! <3