It's time for another tag! The amazing Ellie brought the Wisteria Writer Tag to my attention today in her post, and she tagged everyo...

   It's time for another tag! The amazing Ellie brought the Wisteria Writer Tag to my attention today in her post, and she tagged everyone who wanted to do it. So here I am; thanks Ellie!

   For the sake of length and so I don't go on very long rambles of my love of writing, I decided to do five of Sunset's questions, and five of Vivian's

Sunset's Questions:

1) What one thing do you struggle to write the most?

    For some reason, it always takes me awhile to nail my dialogue. I'm more comfortable writing description and internal dialogue. 

2) Favourite character(s) from your current WIP?

   Ahhh this is so hard. Now that I'm back to editing Draped in Deception, that's my current WIP. (I'm seriously having a hard time choosing) Okay, okay, I'll choose: Adam. I love his layered personality, and I'll just leave one of his quotes below:

3) Why exactly did you begin writing?

   Because all these stories were threatening to burst out of my skin and run rampant if I didn't record them. 

4) First, second, or third person narrative?

   A couple of years back I would only write first person, but recently I've been drifting more to third person. That's mainly because I have several POVs in my WIPs, so it's easier to transition between them.

5) What genre do you prefer to write about?

   Fantasy is my first love, but I also like to dabble in dystopian and science fiction on occasion. 

Vivian's Questions:

1) Where do you like to write?

   On the dining room table. I have seized a small corner of it, and next to me I have binders full of notes and writing books stacked up.

2) Where do you get your writing inspiration?

   This post sums it up pretty well!

3) Have you done NaNoWriMo?

   Yup, I've participated two years in a row now (and I'm proud to say I won both times). It's definitely a challenge that pushes me, and I love it. I hope to do it this year as well if schoolwork allows.

4) Do you listen to music when you write? What music?

  I struggle to focus if I don't listen to music. I just listen to whatever songs I love at the moment, from pop to rap to instrumental.

5) Do you have a writing buddy or group you share your progress with, or do you work alone?

  I'm in numerous writing groups such as Go Teen Writers, and my lovely writing buddy Grace and I chat a lot about our WIPs. I have such a great web of support.

  If you'd love to do this wonderful tag, feel free to do it! I am officially tagging EVERYONE. That's right, you!

   What's your favourite genre to write? Do you have a particular spot where you do most of your writing? Also, how are your WIPs coming along? 
Let me know in the comments, and have an amazing day! <3

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  1. Oh we are NaNo twins! This upcoming November will be my 3rd time too! *cheers* I hope you get to do it this year too!! And yesss to 3rd person. I write SO much better in third omg. But I'm opposite to you with the dialogue vs everything else.😂 Dialogue is my strongest point hahha which is a bit of a problem if one wants to write fantasy. Contemporary = it works. Fantasy = I probably should describe, like, THE WORLD FIRST.😂 But that saying fantasy is still my favourite genre to write too. <3

    1. Yay for NaNo twins! I hope I can do it this year too but as I'll be going away on a several day field trip and school is hectic at the moment, I'm really not sure. I'll try though! XD I wish I was good at dialogue like you! But yes to fantasy; it's so fun and amazing. <3 Thanks so much for commenting Cait! :D