I'm trying to think of a word that conveys how excited I am about doing Beautiful People this month, but my brain isn't properly...

    I'm trying to think of a word that conveys how excited I am about doing Beautiful People this month, but my brain isn't properly functioning at the moment, so here's one for you: YAY!!! I absolutely love doing these, in case you couldn't tell.

   This link-up is designed to help you know your characters better, and is hosted by the lovely Cait @ Paper Fury and Skye @ Further Up and Further In

   So this month I'm going to be asking the questions to a character from my WIP Safe-House: Clyde. I'll be writing Safe-House in NaNoWriMo, and here's a quick blurb for you if you don't know what it's about.

The Safe-House.

Criminals from all over the city seek shelter behind its walls when their lives are in danger. The Criminal Guilds' laws demand that no murder take place in the Safe-House, a rule that most follow grudgingly--or die. When weapons expert Mercy falls out with her Guild and takes a job at the Safe-House, she never expects to wake up to multiple murders.

Everyone is a suspect; the sassy cook quick with poison, the mysterious Hood who changes faces every day...even Mercy's own boyfriend.

In the Safe-House, safety is just an empty promise.

  To the questions!

1) How did you come up with this character?

   Clyde is the sassy cook quick with poison in the above blurb. I suppose I wanted a) a sassy character b) a character who has a strong contradiction (in this case he loves food but also loves poison) and c) Clyde is the kind of character who forces their way into your story. He's a stubborn one.

2) Have they ever been starving? Why? And what did they eat to break the fast?

   Many times. Clyde broke he, his sister, and a bunch of other kids out of a drug factory. They were used to test the power and effects of different dosages. Shortly after their escape they had nowhere to go, so they went hungry for days. The fast was broken with nothing more than what they could find abandoned at the back of restaurants, or what they could steal. 

3) Do they have a talent or skill that they're proud of?

   Clyde is immensely proud of his cooking skills, and his specialty is cinnamon rolls. He makes them not too sweet, but just sweet enough to make your mouth drool.  

4) List three things that would make them lose their temper.

#1: People that insult his food. He worked hard on that dish, putting sweat and tears and probably other people's blood and HOW DARE YOU SAY IT'S TOO SWEET. There is no such thing. 
#2: Anyone who's serious all the time.
#3: People that mess around with his poison bottles. He arranges them by both colour and deadliness, and is very protective of this order.

5) What is their favourite type of weather? Least favourite?

   Clyde + summer = very moody Clyde. Clyde + winter = Clyde with an excuse to eat cookies while they're still warm and drink lots of hot chocolate without burning his throat.

6) What is their Hogwarts house and/or MBTI personality?

   He's an ESTP, I believe. Unless he decides to change his personality halfway through NaNoWriMo.

7) Are they more likely to worry about present problems, or freak out about the unknown future?

   Clyde doesn't like to think about the future, in case he realizes it'll be horrible, and focuses more on what needs his immediate attention.

8) What is their favourite thing to drink?

   Hot chocolate, because he can add lots of cream.

9) What is their favourite colour? Least favourite?

   Favourite -- red, because it's so bright and stands out. Least favourite -- white, because it reminds him of the colour of drugs they used to force on him.

10) What is a book that changed their life?

   The only books Clyde reads are cookbooks, but his ultimate favourite is "To Sweet or Not to Sweet? A Volume on How to Kill With Sugar". He may or may not have added on the last part.

What's a book that changed your life? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? And if you've done Beautiful People, feel free to link in the comments so I can check them out! <3 

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  1. Beautiful People is awesome, isn't it?
    Sadly, I can't participate in NaNo, as November is always my busiest month for schoolwork. I'll be cheering everyone on, though!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. It's super awesome! :D It really helps me with my characters. Aw that's too bad, but I'm glad you'll be so encouraging! Thank you for commenting Ellie. <3

  2. Clyde is such a wonderful little cinnamon roll ;) Safe House sounds really cool! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! <3 Clyde is a cinnamon roll that loves cinnamon rolls. XD Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. Agh, this made me so HUNGRY! Great post, tho!

    1. Thanks Kayla! Haha yeah that hot chocolate looks really good... yum! Thanks so much for commenting! :D