Hi everyone, and welcome back to another Am Currently! Here I share my current reads, life and writing updates, and what kind of music I...

   Hi everyone, and welcome back to another Am Currently! Here I share my current reads, life and writing updates, and what kind of music I'm listening to. 

   I don't usually read Middle Grade books, but I saw "The Iron Trial" in the bookstore with Cassandra Clare and Holly Black's names on it, and I had to pick it up. (Not to mention leaving a bookstore without a new book in hand is nearly impossible). So far I'm thoroughly enjoying it. 

   I honestly can't wait until 'Empire of Storms' arrives in my local bookstore. I'm dyyiinngg from the waiting. I just want to gobble it up right now. 

   This month has been a crazy writing month. I was part of a 100-for-100 writing challenge, where you have to write at least 100 words for 100 days, and I managed to write way more than I expected! My total was 92,012 words (for me that's really big because I'm usually a super slow writer).

   I also did some prep for the WeWriteBooks contest over at Go Teen Writers. My synopsis for Golden Revenge ended up being seven pages...five over the limit. So I spent hours trying to simplify the synopsis, which was sooo hard. I love details, and to have to cut out minor subplots hurt my soul a bit. I also rewrote my first 3,000 words of the story for the contest. (Only to realize I made a mistake the moment after I submitted it!)

  Apart from all that, I'm trying to gather my courage to stop dawdling over planning the gigantic change to Draped in Deception and just plunge into the rewrite. Wish me luck!

   Recently I've been listening to my favourite rapper, NF, a lot. I love how his (clean) raps are about what he's experiencing in life, and his lyrical skills are absolutely amazing. Definitely check him out!

   A jumble of all different kinds of emotions. School has been pretty stressful of late (when is it ever not?) with lots of assignments taking up my time. But I'm about to go celebrate a friend's birthday, so that should be loads of fun. Hopefully that will relax me!

Let's chat about you! How has your day been? What are you currently reading/writing? Any amazing songs I totally need to listen to? 

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  1. I love the Iron Trial and can't wait to read the third book. As for what I'm reading, there's a pile of about twenty books, some steampunk, some research, for NaNoWriMo on top of my desk.
    As for music, I've fallen in love with Sofia Carson. So far she only has two singles, but I hope she's going to have an album soon.

    1. You can never prep too early for NaNoWriMo! It's always great to have a lot of research done beforehand. Ooh yes Sofia Carson's songs are great; she has a really unique sound. Thanks so much for commenting Rachel! :D

  2. oh oh congrats on the 92K!!! THAT IS VERY AMAZING!! I did the very first 100x100 with GTW but I think I was doing more like 1000x100 and it nearly killed me hhahah. (Like seriously, overachieving-brain, would you please nope?) But it's a great challenge and always so exciting to finish and have completed so much writing! WOOOOO!!

    Also good luck at your friend's birthday! I hope it's a very good (and relaxing) time for you. :D

    I just discovered Les Friction on spotify and fajsdkald their music is SO SO GOOD. It's like epic movie-film music but with a bit of singing/lyrics??! It's amazing.

    1. Thanks Cait! :) Haha yeah doing that much would be like doing NaNoWriMo three months in a row. Talk about difficult! I had a great time celebrating my friend's birthday, especially since I got to pet a kid goat. (Their little horns are so cute!) I will definitely check out Les Friction; they sound great! :D
      Thank you for commenting Cait! <3

  3. Wow, 92,000 words is AMAZING! Well done you! :)
    Cutting down your synopsis sounds tough though. That's one of the things I find hardest when writing is cutting things down. I've entered the odd short story contest before, and trying to keep within in the limits can be so tough!
    I so hope you enjoy Empire of Storms! I read it and it was awesome :)

    1. Thanks Laura! XD Cutting down a synopsis is super hard; figuring out what I should include and what to leave out is the biggest problem I have, especially since I seem to have so many subplots! I hope I enjoy Empire of Storms as much as you do. :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  4. I also spent hours trying to write a synopsis and then simplify it. I had to completely scrap it a few times because at the 25% mark I was already pushing one page. so then follow hours and hours of writing and rewriting and cringing and flailing. XD
    THEN after fitting it onto one page, I set my margins correctly and it went over onto the next page. -.-

    I thought I saw your name on the 100x100 winners list! Congrats!!
    Jeneca @ Jeniqua Writes

    1. Thanks Jeneca! The 100x100 challenge was definitely challenging but I really enjoyed it. :D Ugh that sounds so annoying; I hope you were able to cut your synopsis down in the end. I probably should have tried your tactic cutting down, as I just kept rambling on, saying 'I'll cut it down when I'm done.' I didn't think it would be so difficult!
      Thanks so much for commenting! <3