I can't believe it's August already! It feels like June and July flew by, especially now that I'm back at school. Life gets ...

    I can't believe it's August already! It feels like June and July flew by, especially now that I'm back at school. Life gets super busy whenever I'm not on school break, so here's a little catch up about what I'm currently doing!

   I've almost finished reading "Walk On Earth a Stranger" and so far I'm loving it so much. The writing has a simplistic, clean flow to it that helps me flip the pages. Not to mention the premise is awesome. 

   When I finish it I'll be either devouring "The Crown's Game" (the cover is gorgeous + magic = has to be awesome, right?) or the highly recommended "Six of Crows." 

   At the end of July I finished the first draft of Golden Revenge. It was bittersweet, as usual, because I know for sure that it will only be a stand alone novel. I love the characters and setting and plot so much, so it was hard to finish writing the epilogue and not feel sad it had finished. Now I'll be setting it aside for six weeks, and then I'll crack it open for a read through and to start editing.

   But whenever I finish a first draft, I tend to feel a little lost. I feel like I should still be part of the story for hours a day, pounding the keys. Then there's the big question of which story to work on next. I ended up starting to edit Draped in Deception, despite having been furious at it for months, and brainstorming Safe-House. 

  A couple of songs I've had on repeat these past few weeks (or days, for the new ones) are: "Make You Stay" and "Cry Wolf" by the Girl and the Dreamcatcher, "Real Love" by Florrie, and "Rise" by Katy Perry. They're all such amazing singers!

  A bit stressed, to be perfectly honest. Huge life changes are coming up for me in the next couple of months, and the fear of the unknown is trying to choke me. Maybe I'll do a post on it soon.

What's your favourite song right now? Any books I absolutely must read or I will probably die? Is your writing going well? I hope you're all having an amazing day! <3

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  1. Eeep, the upcoming stress does not sound good. ;_; *sends you cupcakes of virtual deliciousness* I hope it works out for the best though.
    Also CONGRATS on finishing your novel! I totally relate to the "feeling lost" bit. I always give myself a month or so off after a project and generally just read and read and reeeead.😂 But I always feel most productive when I'm writing. :')
    ALSO SIX OF CROWS IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE AHHHHH. And I loved Walk on Earth a Stranger too! Basically Rae Carson = writing genius. Have you read her book A Girl of Fire and Thorns? It's fantasy and soooo good too.

    1. *hugs virtual cupcakes to chest and eats them appreciatively* Thanks Cait. :) I hope it turns out to be okay too.
      I'm currently in a writing challenge where I have to write everyday, so I kind of have to start other projects straight away. XD I've snuck in lots of more reading too though, so that's great!
      Awesome, I can't wait to dive into Six of Crows! I haven't read A Girl of Fire and Thorns yet (it's on my Mt. Everest sized TBR) but if it's anything like Walk on Earth a Stranger I am sure to love it. Thanks so much for commenting, Cait! <3

  2. I'm currently reading Six of Crows too! Congrats on finishing your first draft! I'm working on a novel right now too, but it's slow going because of work, but it's fun to write so that makes me excited about it!

    1. Thanks Sara! XD Work can slow down my writing speed a lot too, but hopefully you'll be able to plow through while still having loads of fun! Thank you for commenting, and good luck with your writing! :D

  3. Congrats on finishing Golden revenge!! I finished another read through-editing round in July on Sparrow Singing, my WIP. I'm feeling quite lost as you are. I'll make sure to pray for you, as well.
    How do you like Six of Crows? I keep seeing it everywhere and wondering about it... I'm currently reading The Choosing by Rachelle Decker, but it's creeping me out a bit ;P
    YOU MUST READ A TIME TO DIE BY NADINE BRANDES. (or you will probably die, haha) I just got the second book in the series and can't wait to dig into it.
    Jeneca @ Jeniqua Writes

    1. Prayers are always appreciated, Jeneca, thank you. :) Hopefully we can both make our way through editing.
      I haven't started reading Six of Crows yet, but I will this evening. I'll let you know what I think of it. ;) Haha alright I'll definitely try and buy A Time to Die as soon as I can (dying doesn't sound that great). Thank you so much for commenting! XD

  4. Congrats on finishing your draft! :)
    Six of Crows is yet another book I've been meaning to read for ages, but just haven't got round to yet. I really hope you enjoy it! :)

    1. Thanks Laura! :D I have plenty of those types of books on my TBR list too. XD I just started Six of Crows, and I definitely recommend picking it up! Thank you so much for commenting! :D