The writer's brain is an beast that can't be tamed. It prods us with ideas when we're about to fall asleep, owns a very let...

     The writer's brain is an beast that can't be tamed. It prods us with ideas when we're about to fall asleep, owns a very lethal plot bunny spawner, and directs our thoughts in the direction of what some people would call, well, a little crazy. 

     I recently observed that my brain, being a writer, functions differently from a "normal brain." Not that I have the stereotypical brain, but I have my sources. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way; I love my brain (weird as that sounds).

     So here are a couple everyday situations and the different ways they react!

Someone asks: "How's your book going?"

Normal reply: "Pretty good; I've read a hundred pages so far, and can't wait to see what the author has in store for me next!"

Writer's reply: PANIC PANIC PANIC. How do they know I'm writing a book??? Have they been spying on me? How do I summarize it in a few sentences? It's still a messy first draft. PANIC STATIONS "Um...ok?"

Seeing a pretty red dress in a store

Normal: Hmm, I should buy that. Do they have it in my size?

Writer: Is that blood red? Or the red of the bottom of a wine glass? Would my character wear that? They probably would; it would hide blood stains.

Browsing through Pinterest

Normal: Ooh, a nice shirt! Think I'll pin this.

Writer: Ohmygoodness, that person looks like my protagonist. Who is that model??? I must find them and stalk all their photos and pin pin pin. Wait. What if they're actually my protagonist but like, a real-life contemporary version? Mind=blown.

Hearing a noise in the night

Normal: It's probably the wind.

Writer: Burglars! Quick, what can I use as a weapon? I know, the toothbrush. I'll gouge their eyes out with it. 
*nothing happens* 
It must have been aliens. No, dragons that have teleported from a different dimension and now want to take me back with them. I'll ride on their backs and save the world! Yep, gotta be dragons.

You never know, it could happen

Surfing the web

Normal Search: Why is the sky blue?

Writer Search: 100 ways to kill a person

In a stationery shop

Normal: Let's get what we need and get out.

Writer: I just need a new pencil, but look at this notebook! And this one! Oooh and these gel pens are on special, as are these stickers, and wow are those carrot-shaped pencil sharpeners half-price???

Reading the news

Normal: All of this is horrible. Our world is a sad place right now.

Writer: This is bad...another war? Have I done a war story yet? Yeah, three dozen, but look at the fresh perspective this offers. *plot bunnies sprout from everywhere*

Writing a shopping list

Normal: Let's see, I need milk, potatoes, apples, and saffron.

Writer: Let's see, I need chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, a little more chocolate, and...what was it again? Right, sanity. 

Do you connect with any of these writer's brain responses? (Or I am a lone bunny in all of these??) How do you resist the urge to buy every single notebook in the stationery store? 

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  1. OMG LOL this is totally me. Especially the one about being in a stasionary store....LIKE YEAH I KNOW I HAVE 500 NOTEBOOKS SITTING AT HOME, BUT LOL ONE MORE WOULDN'T HURT?
    Great post!

    1. Of course one more wouldn't hurt! I swear I buy a new notebook every time I walk into a stationery shop, even if I don't need one. Thanks so much for commenting! XD

  2. Surfing the web: 100 ways to kill a person :D :D that's totally me!!! I can related to this post probably too much. And I love stationery too. I always need to find excuse to buy a new notebook because... I need like two for every story I'm plotting... not really :D

    1. I'm always afraid someone's going to look at my search history and be like "um, are you plotting murder?" I swear I'm not, it's just writing research. Stationery is amazing. <3 I love having pretty notebooks all around me, even if I don't write in them. Thank you for commenting, Simona! :D

  3. Totally agree especially with the book question and the stationary shop one. I have a million notebooks but I'm always like, oh, an extra one couldn't hurt. And asking about my writing project is asking me to clam up.

    1. I literally panic when people ask about my writing, and become sooo awkward. I mean, it's nice they care, but at the same time I prefer to only talk about it when I think it's complete. Ah yes, one can never have too many notebooks! Thanks so much for commenting, Rachel! :)

  4. Haha, this is totally me as well! I love this! :)
    I especially get the whole weird googling thing! The other day I spent the afternoon googling pirates which was pretty random, for a story I'm writing. And I can definitely never leave a stationary shop with just the thing I came in for!

    1. Thanks Laura! :) I always end up searching strange things too, and then wonder a half hour in 'why I am looking this up?' I love stationery shops so much. XD Thank you for commenting! :D

  5. HAHHAHA YES. Especially to the last one. Sanity...omg, can we get that prepackaged and microwavable? But then again...who really wants sanity? *goes back to googling murder*
    Also I'm absolutely obsessed with stationary too!! Although I'm even worse because I don't actually write in them!? I just love and adore and pet them and take photos of them and that's it. 😂 WRITERS ARE WEIRD.

    1. Sanity so needs to be packaged! But yes, googling murder does have its benefits...for writing of course. I LOVE stationery, but the notebooks tend to pile up before I can use all of them. Thanks for dropping by, Cait! XD