One word is worth a thousand pictures. No, I did not get that saying wrong. I've changed it around a bit, because it is true...

     One word is worth a thousand pictures.

No, I did not get that saying wrong. I've changed it around a bit, because it is true, an image can be and is a powerful thing, but I don’t think we should put down the power of words.

Think about the word ‘once.’

A thousand different pictures can come to mind. A first kiss. A fairy tale cover. Holding hands. Standing over a grave. 

You can interpret that single word, one syllable, into thousands of situations and images. And each one, belongs to the word in a way that no other picture can.

Crazy, isn’t it?

And if you are still doubting me, think of a setting in a book you love. Those brilliantly crafted sentences conjure images in your mind, and I would bet a hundred thousand dollars that the image of the setting in your mind is different from everyone else’s who has read that book.

Our memories, experiences, places we’ve been, and imagination tweak the words we read into images in our mind. We are essentially creating our own personal movies as we read.

Words allow us to carry around worlds with us.
Words entertain us. They provide an escape.

Words put things in motion. A simple ‘hello’ could lead to a life-changing situation or relationship.

Words inspire us to be as brave, to believe in love, to speak out.

Words can build us up, or bring us crashing down. I am the kind of person who takes every word ever said to me, and then runs them over and over in my mind until I think I know the true meaning behind them. If you say something slightly insulting, even not really meaning it, I can assure you those words will make me question everything I do.

Similarly, one compliment can make my whole day.

But back to the power of words. 

In both real life and writing, we need to consider the words we wield. We can twist them, or make them beautiful. Words can be a weapon or a gift.

The images we create with words can mean different things to different people. The thousands of images a writer creates can touch the hearts of thousands.

I'm not sure about you, but I want to be that kind of writer.

I want to use the power of words to inspire.

What inspires you in your writing? What is your dream for the words you write? Do you want your words to inspire and motivate people? Let me know in the comments; I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Yesss, this is so very true! I think a picture CAN adamantly sum up a thousand words, but it's equally true vice versa. I mean, just compare a book to a movie, too! A movie needs thousands upon thousands of shots to tell the story, whereas needs much less (WELL. I guess that depends on the size of the book though XD) I also love how books can carry entire worlds. <3 BOOKS ARE SO MAGICAL AND SPECIAL FOR THIS.

    1. Yes, images are just as important; they have a different kind of power! Books and words are super special too. <3 I love everything about them except for the fact that they empty my wallet. XD BOOKS ARE PORTALS TO ADVENTURE! Thanks so much for reading and commenting Cait! :)

  2. This is a sweet post! And so true. One word can create so many beautiful pictures in my head which is why I love having a big vocabulary. Why limit ourselves to common words?

    1. Thank you! Common words can be great, but it's also important to know other words so we can use them to their full potential. Thanks so much for dropping by! :D