I live in four worlds. The first is the place we call real life. It's where our flesh and blood moves, from where we brea...

I live in four worlds.

The first is the place we call real life. It's where our flesh and blood moves, from where we breathe, and where we work so we can survive. 

It’s the place that I so often try to escape so I can hide in the security of the other three.

The second is a world only I know. This is where my stories come to life, where I engage with people who seem as real as the people in the first world. The second world is where I leap from rooftops. Adventure. Pain I can conquer. Mythical worlds that I can control. It all lies in the second world.

Get ready to write your own adventure in the second world

The third is a world that other people have created. It is an escape, and a travel between etches of black ink on white paper. I cry over book covers. Here I can disappear for hours, and get lost in beauty of someone else’s world.

The fourth is my mind. This world is connected to the other three. It’s a complicated beast, with parts I can’t explain. Most of it is a jumble. Some parts are like a maze I struggle to get through, but I still love it.

The portal to third world is made of paper

Most days I do my bit in the first world, and take part in reality until it drowns me. Then I recharge in the other three. Sometimes it’s the only way I can cope.

But what happens if we forget about about the first world?

The first world is raw, and harsh, and brutal. It hurts us, and we hurt it. But what we so often forget is that this first world, that is where we live. Without the first world, the other three wouldn’t exist. 

The first world has real people, and family, and God. 

We have control in the other three worlds, but sometimes it’s better not to have any at all. We should try and be in the first world. There is nothing wrong in being in the other three, so long as we remember that our existence is in real world.

So long as we remember that the ideas and emotions that allow us to create beautiful second worlds comes from the earth.

In the end, we are writing for more than ourselves. 

We are writing for the people who love us, and they live in the first world.

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  1. Beautifully written, bub. <3 Love this!

  2. Omg I love how you described this. This is PERFECT and beautiful. I spend a lot of time in my-own-mind-world...which overlaps into writing-world for me. I almost always am writing some sort of book in my head?!? Which is awesome. :') And I think we need all of the worlds...they compliment each other right?! LOVE THIS.

    1. Thank you so much Cait! Yes, my brain always seems to be conjuring plots and characters without me noticing 24-7. Sometimes I wonder how it does it. I definitely think a balance is necessary, because each one offers something different but just as great. Thanks for dropping by! :D

  3. This is an interesting perspective! I hadn't thought about these four worlds like this. ^ ^


    1. I do tend to have very abstract perceptions of the world. XD Thanks for reading and commenting Victoria!