It's sad to write this may be the last ever Beautiful People post I write. I've been participating in this link up (hosted by the lo...

It's sad to write this may be the last ever Beautiful People post I write. I've been participating in this link up (hosted by the lovely Cait and Sky) since I started my blog two years ago, and it's helped me develop my characters and stories so much! I've also met so many wonderful bloggers through it.

This edition is a farewell as well as a favourites edition, which is a bitter-sweet feeling. For all the character questions, I'm going to be answering them about Zeki, from my sequel to Golden Revenge, Silver Storm. Zeki is one of the major POVs, and for those of you who have read GR, Sefika's child. But for those of you who have no idea what that means, here's the start of Zeki's opening chapter, for some insight:

Zeki had more nicknames than friends. 

First, the unoriginal Straight Nose, then Tiny, then Slave, then as fists struck and shoved him daily, Blood Boy. There were a number of references to body parts when they itched their greasy scalps for ideas, and for a miserable four hours, he was known as Stu-peed. And, of course, there was his personal favourite, Ze-Key-to-Ugliness. 

Then he learned to control his magic.

Now, to the questions!

Favourite genre to write in?

Fantasy! Though I have dabbled in contemporary, dystopian, and sci-fi, fantasy always draws me back in. I think I love the world-building the most, especially how I can weave in the fantastical with the real.

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?

Definitely The Bible. Zeki goes through a lot of struggles morally, as he's had to become a different person in order to ensure both he and his mother aren't killed or made slaves. And by 'different', I mean he's made awful decisions.

Favourite piece of dialogue you’ve written?

For the sake of simplicity, I'll look through Silver Storm to find the dialogue I like best from there. This snippet will probably not make any sense/not be amusing at all out of context, but here it is:

He shoved him, not hard enough to move a leaf. “You’re awful.”
“You smell like old bull and damp weeds.”
“You run at the speed of a rock.”
“Your nose could be used to shovel dung.”
“I hate you.”
“Same here.”
They started off on their next lap, pounding limbs, churned dirt underneath.
Adem glanced over, traces of a grin sneaking up. “Bite to eat tonight?”
“Wouldn’t miss it.”

What did your character want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

Zeki always wanted to be a baker; he loves the smooth, relaxing motion of kneading. But for (spoiler reasons) he is now a member of a slave-trading gang.

Favourite character name(s)?

Of my own characters, my favourite names are:
Mida     Damla    Zeki     Talih    Taylan    Elisia    Koray

What makes your character feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?

His mother is the only person who shows love to Zeki. She does this by listening to him, spending time with him, and making him feel safe to show the boy behind the mask of sneers and scowls.

Favourite character you’ve ever written?

You're asking me to choose between my babies? I refuse; I loved writing all of them for different reasons. (Though I have to say, the Second Prince, Silver Storm's antagonist, is slowly winning over my heart. I alternate between wanting to punch him, and wanting to have tea with him.)

If your character were permanently leaving town, what would they easily throw out? What would they refuse to part with? (Why?)

Zeki would be able to throw away everything. He holds onto people (or one person) not objects. Considering how often his clothes get bloody or ripped, that would seem to be a good thing. But if he had to choose one thing to keep, it would be his sewing box. After all, he has to keep practicing his magic.

Favourite tropes to write!

Evil queens, characters with traumatic pasts, group of misfits.

Which story has your heart and won’t let go?

At this point I would have to say Golden Revenge (and its sequel, as it's in the same world). Even though I have my ups and downs with it, it still manages to conquer a large part of my time, and my thoughts. I have cried reading it (I never cry when reading) and the characters are my close friends.

Favourite relationship between characters you’ve written?

I love(d) writing Taylan and Feriha; they're devoted to each other, challenge each other, and are steadfast. 

Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?

I think there's a hole in the literary world for fantasy that builds castles and worlds in your head as you read, that is vibrant and jumps off the pages, but is without what you might call 'filth'. I have read several books whose world-building I ADORE but due to content and explicit scenes, I have had to stop reading the series, and can no longer recommend them.

Favourite pinterest board / aesthetic for a book?

*shuffles awkwardly* Um, I kind of don't make aesthetics? (Apart from very old collages we will not talk about). I know, I know, practically everyone does, but I can never find pictures that match what I see in my head. 

Favourite time periods & settings to work with?

I love late middle ages, with some 1700s influences. It's an odd mash, but I often find myself writing in it. Setting-wise, I prefer mysterious, winding cities and sprawling forests of green and grey.

When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?

A feeling of hope, with some sadness mixed in. And if I'm really wishing hard, they'll feel a little breathless too!

What story has your heart and won't let go? What is your favourite time period to write in? Are you sad to see Beautiful People go?
Thanks for your support in all my BP posts, and have a wonderful day! <3

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  1. It's nice to get some glimpses into your sequel. Zeki, sounds like he has a pretty rough life.
    Taylan and Feriha! I ship those two!!! They are adorable.

    1. He has indeed! I am never kind to my characters. :P Aw thank you!! <3

  2. Wow! Silver Storm sounds like an interesting book so far :).

    I am really sad to see BP go....I've only done it occasionally, but I loved it anyway!!


    1. Thanks Catherine, glad you think so! :D

      Me too. It's such a wonderful link-up, I'm sad it's leaving the blogosphere!




    I love your answers, Melissa. <3 Like, I can't with this post!!! My heart is fangirling BIG-TIME right now. Silver Storm sounds so so so so so good, aaaaaaaaahhhhh!! :D



      Ahhhh you're so sweet! *all the hugs* Thank you! <3 <3

  4. Aw Zeki sounds like a cutie. How old is he in the sequel? Will it also be a myth retelling? Best wishes writing!

    1. He is secretly a cutie, even though he won't admit it. xD He's 18 in the sequel, so quite a lot of time has passed! Silver Storm won't be as myth-centered as GR, but one of the POVs is a character inspired by sea nymphs and sirens. :) Thank you! <3