A very strange, highly unusual thing has happened. No, I am not discussing the fact that the weather forecast said heavy rain, and there...

    A very strange, highly unusual thing has happened. No, I am not discussing the fact that the weather forecast said heavy rain, and there's sunshine. I'm talking about how I am actually *gasp* ahead for NaNo! In between the writing frenzy, some other things are happening as well, and so what do I have for you today?

   Another Am Currently!

    I recently cracked open This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and goodness, I was blown away. Though some parts of it I was unsure of, the story carried me along and ripped the breath from me. It's been my reading highlight of the year so far! I also read Violent Grenade by Victoria Scott (seems to be a Victoria month) which was...interesting! In a good but slightly--make that very--creepy way?

    I'm very eager to start reading my signed copy of White Wolf and the Ash Princess by my friend Tammy Lash, and get my hands on a copy of So Sang the Dawn by another lovely friend, AnnMarie Pavese. So many exciting books coming out!

    NaNo has been the perfect opportunity to start my first draft of Of Traitors of Tricksters! I am currently sitting a little over 35K, and my characters are both making me want to strangle and hug them at the same time. It seems like at the moment OTAT will be another standalone, which I'm happy about! (All my attempts at series have...gone downhill, let's say that). Hopefully by mid-December I'll have finished its first draft.

   In other news, I've been brainstorming for the workbook based on my Questions to Ask When... series. I'm unsure whether I'll charge for it at this point, so if you have any thoughts on that, let me know!

   Meanwhile, I've been playing with a short novella taking place in the events after Golden Revenge, while doing some line editing of the latter. Golden Revenge will be making its way to beta-readers in less than two weeks! Ahhhh!

    I'm on a band kick at the moment, and I have to say, if you don't know For King & Country or Cimorelli, please go check out their music! For King & Country have a masculine yet heartfelt sound, and the Cimorelli sisters have voices that blend perfectly.

Recommended songs:
For King & Country
- Priceless
- Fix My Eyes
- To the Dreamers

- Pretty Pink
- Fall Back
- Never Let Me Fall

    Tired after a long week of school and NaNo, and looking forward to the weekend. I seem to have been able to balance writing and school this week, though with a slew of assessment tasks, I'm worried about reaching my wordcount. But! I will keep reminding myself NaNo is about writing something and being a part of the community, not about winning.

How has your month been so far? What are you reading? Any band suggestions for me? How are you? (Sorry for being quiet on the blogosphere! I hope to catch up on all your lovely posts soon!)
Have a fantastic day! <3 

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  1. Gah!! Can't wait to see OTAT on the shelves!

    Where are you publishing the Questions, etc. workbook? Do they allow you to sell it for free for a certain amount of time? I know that Amazon will do that (that's how I get all of my Kindle books).

    November has been going well! Better than October anyway (although almost every month is better than this past October). Most of my month has been spent on vacation - from mountains to beach. I return home really soon though - kinda sad, but Thanksgiving here I come!

    I've been reading The False Prince, and Cecily Thorne's Cliff Walk Courtships series. So far, they're really good.


    1. Ah thank you! <3

      That's something I still need to work out. :) For a certain amount of time I believe something can be free on Amazon, yes. I'll have to do more exploring on that.

      I'm glad you've been having a better month! Oooh a vacation sounds lovely. Have a great Thanksgiving!

      I love The False Prince; I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting Catherine! :)

  2. For King & Country and Cimorelli use to be some of my favorites, although I haven't listened to them in a while, I need to! XD

    Do you listen to Twenty One Pilots? They're some of my favorites.

    1. You should! xD Yes, I do! They're great as well. :) Thanks for commenting Gray!

  3. Woohoo, congrats on being ahead in NaNo! Best of luck for the rest of the month :)

    Ahh, I love writing standalones. All my attempts at series have petered out, too, which is not a good sign considering most of my ideas are series.

    I've been reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë for English class. IT'S SO GOOD, AHHHH. I'm going out to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to buy myself my own copy so I can keep notes about my day in the margins, just like Catherine does with her favorite books. <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thanks Ellie!! <3

      I love them too. xD Oh dear; I feel you there. Series are super tricky, and I'd like to master standalones first before I seriously write one.

      I still need to read that book! It's definitely on my TBR list. :D Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Thank you for commenting!

  4. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS??? WHOA, TIME HAS FLOWN!!!! *is super, super excited!!*

    AAAAH, yay for NaNo! That's so awesome, keep it up, girl!! <3

    And YES to For King and Country! I really like that band! xD Shoulders is probably my favorite. Have you heard that one??

    1. I KNOW IT'S CRAZY. WHERE HAS THIS MONTH GONE??? *is also nervous but excited*

      Thanks Lila!!! <3

      I have heard that one! It's not my favourite, but I still enjoy it. :) Thanks for commenting!

  5. Wow 35K! That is awesome! I'm sure you will be done in time. Love For King and Country.

    1. Thanks Skye! :) I love them too! Thank you for commenting!

  6. I LOVE For King and Country. To The Dreamers is one of my favorites. Have you heard Pushing on a Pulldoor by them?

    Two weeks! I'm so excited! :D

    I hope nano keeps going well for you <3

    1. Yes, I love them! Oh I haven't heard that one. *hurries off to listen to it*

      Ahhh me too! And very nervous at the same time!

      Thank you. <3 Good luck with your own writing, and thank you for commenting! :)

  7. For King and Country is the best!

    You are doing great with Nano! Keep up the great work :) I feel you on the tiredness with school, we're in the same boat! I have midterms coming up soon yikers !

    xxx its nice to see how you are doing :)

    1. They are! :)

      Aww thank you! Yes it does seem like it. Yikes! Midterms are a lot of work, so best of luck with that Anna!

      Thanks! <3 Hope you're going all right!

  8. Ahhh I own a nice hard copy of This Savage Song but I still haven't read it. I got to watch a panel with Victoria Schwab last year and she was super amazing (hence me buying the nice signed book) but I just haven't gotten to reading it yet! *sighs at self* You have inspired me though :) Hopefully after nano? :P

    1. Ahhhhhh yes please read it!!! Then we can rant about it together. xD (Hopefully) Yes, after NaNo! xP Thanks for commenting! <3

  9. I'm so excited at the thought of you creating a Questions... workbook! :D

    I recently read Six of Crows, which I'd recommend for mature teens, but I did really enjoy it. (Thought it was a standalone with a sequel, though... it's not. The end isn't really a cliffhanger, I suppose, but there are characters in danger and- ugh, yeah. Why didn't I borrow the second book when I got the first??)

    Hope you get past feeling tired soon!
    - Jem Jones

    1. Yay! Thank you! :D

      Oh that's a really great book! (But yes, I would say mature teens) I didn't realise it had a sequel either! I really must get around to reading that sometime... xD

      Thank you! Thanks for commenting!

  10. I have no problem with a Victoria centered month. ;) Yay for NaNoWriMo and fun characters! I'm currently reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and Red by Ted Dekker!


    1. Haha yay for a Victoria centered month! xD Yessss yay for those too! Oooh those are also on my TBR list. :) Thanks for commenting! <3