Somehow it is almost half-way through March already. How did that happen? I still feel like I'm in February (which was way too shor...

     Somehow it is almost half-way through March already. How did that happen? I still feel like I'm in February (which was way too short, by the way). Anyway, welcome back to another Am Currently! This is where I share my latest life updates, reads, and writing projects.

    Let's get into it, shall we?

    I finished Dracula! It was a long road, but thankfully I met the end. I appreciate it being a classic, but the sexism deeply annoyed me, and I found it hard to sift through all the description and dry dialogue. Now I just have to write an essay on it...

    I kind of decided to read the Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine instead of Empire of Storms. Thank you for the lovely comments suggesting the later, but sadly it's so thick it couldn't fit in my bag. That will probably be a read for the holidays! As for the Shadow Queen, it's already showing signs of promise. I hope I love it as much as I did with other books by the author.

    School has sucked a lot of reading and writing time from me, however, I did manage to finish my read-through of Golden Revenge and begin to crack into the second draft edits. I nearly cried multiple times because I'm so cruel to my characters. Like ugh my heart broke over and over again. 

    I also wrote a short story for English tentatively titled Children of the Wind, based around ghostly people who travel with the wind, always moving, always searching for something. Plus, I'm dabbling into first drafting Splintered Crown and tossing around a few other ideas.

    Lindsey Stirling is soooo amazing. I adored her latest album, and she just released a medley of the songs from Beauty and the Beast and just, wow. It is now playing on repeat and repeat and repeat.

    Ed Sheeran's new album 'Divide' is also awesome. My favourite song from it is either Barcelona or Eraser. Same goes for Jess and Gabriel's EP: Under the Covers. Their voices are beautiful. <3

    Tired. (This is the aftermath of attempting to write an essay on themes in Dracula). It's coming near the end of the term, which means a lot of assessment tasks/exams and that means less free time. I'm really looking forward to the holidays so I can dig deeper into my writing.

Let's chat! How has your month been so far? What's on your TBR? Any new songs/albums that have dominated your playlists?
Let me know in the comments, and have an awesome day! <3

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  1. I've been wondering whether or not to read Dracula! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it :( good luck with your essay!


    I'm currently reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valante and chugging through Les Miserables. On my TBR, there's Mark of the Plague by Kevin Sands, Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones, and a few Duarara!! light novels. I HAVE NOT been able to stop listening to "Jungle" by X Ambassadors or Melanie Martinez's "Hit the Road, Jack".

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you! :) I suggest giving Dracula a try anyway; it seems like people either love it or hate it! Unfortunately I was the latter.
      Oooh that sounds like a great TBR! I really want to read Wintersong, but my TBR is twice the size of Mt.Everest might be a long time before I get to it. I will definitely look those songs up! Thanks so much for commenting! <3

  2. WOW I'm glad you finished Dracula! I think it was a few weeks ago when you mentioned you were still reading it :)

    And yes to school stealing all of my writing + reading time. I barely read and write during the school year, but I'm really happy that summer has just started for me. I finished one book already and I'm profusely plot outlining!

    And great that you were still able to read through Golden Revenge! I love how you put a lot of work into it. It's so encouraging aaah.

    Good luck with finishing up schoolwork for your term <3

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    1. Thanks Andrea! Yeah, it took me ages to finish Dracula but I blame that on its dense text. XD That's awesome that you're now in summer! My summer holidays don't start till December (hello, Southern Hemisphere) but I do have Easter holidays coming up, and I hope I can start really writing then! Good luck with your writing, and thanks so much for commenting! <3

  3. I've not read Dracula, but I'm way of old classics sometimes. XD Yay for writing progress! And Lindsey Sterling is the bomb!

    1. I can be quite wary of them also, but one classic I really enjoyed is Pride and Prejudice. Thankfully that one lived up to my expectations! Yesss I love Lindsey Sterling! <3 Thanks so much for commenting Victoria!

  4. I'm doing okay! Just waiting for college admission decisons and doing lots of work and newspaper is stressing me out. I just finished Hamlet in English and loved it so much. But I'm glad that you're getting used to being in Australia; being in a new place is so hard, especially when you're supposed to feel like it's home. Moana and The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. I'm looking forward to finishing Sideways on a Scooter and naked economics (I'm not reading fiction for Lent, which is hard)

    1. I'm glad you're doing okay! That does sound stressful, but I'm sure you'll be able to push through it. :) I haven't read Hamlet yet, but hopefully will be able to soon. Thank you! Settling in has been hard yet good at the same time. Ahhh I really want to see Beauty and the Beast but it hasn't released in Australian theaters yet! Not reading fiction sounds super hard; good luck with Lent! Thanks so much for commenting Shanti! :D