Why, hello there. I'm Mercy deVie. *offers a hand with more rings than fingers to shake* A pleasure to meet you. Might I make a sugg...

    Why, hello there. I'm Mercy deVie. *offers a hand with more rings than fingers to shake* A pleasure to meet you. Might I make a suggestion on your wardrobe choice? I mean, it's pleasant but--

   *COUGH COUGH* Right, I'm going to cut in before she starts insulting everyone on their wardrobe (everyone, I tell you. She criticized me in depth on my choice of t-shirt colour this morning. It didn't work with the weather or something). 

     This is Melissa talking here. Today I decided to do something a little different, and have a quick interview with my character Mercy from Safe-House. I'm calling this a guest post because she'll be controlling it for the most part. I'll ask her a few questions so you can get to know her, and so I can understand her better in time for NaNoWriMo.

   This post was inspired by my lovely friend Jeneca when she had her novel guest posting on her blog, so please go check her amazing post out! And if you're curious about Safe-House, click here for the story's details.

    Right, first question for you, Mercy: what's your role at the Safe-House?

    Officially, my title is "Receptionist and Weapons Carer." Unofficially I'm the person who yells at guests when they ruin a knife, keeps notes on who wants to kill who, and tries to make sure the guests don't murder each other 'accidentally.'

   How did you end up there?

   Must I tell this story?

   Um, yeah. It's important backstory.

   *muttering* Writers *louder voice* Well, so I don't take up several hours blathering on about unnecessary details, to sum it up nice for you, I got kicked out of my guild. The Guild Master's daughter and I were never on great terms since I first became a part of the Murderer's Guild, but when she asked to borrow my best dress for a disguise--a personal dress too! I mean, had she ever heard of the Guild's wardrobe department?--I may or may not have gotten into a fight with her involving scissors. And permanent scars.

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   What was your first impression of Clyde?

   Ugh, really? Clyde? My first impression was he insulted my name, which would've been offending if he wasn't so amusing when he called me ironic. I tried not to laugh. I think I managed to turn it into an angry splutter.

   Just so everyone knows who Clyde is, could you give a brief description of him, and of Ash and Hood?

   Clyde is basically a permanent guest at the Safe-House. He has a talent for aggravating every single person alive--probably because he's always looking for volunteers for his "bathroom emergency" poison experiments, and can never find any willing ones. I think the longest he's been out of the Safe-House was...two weeks? Something like that. 

   Hood and Ash are other guests. It's hard to describe Hood when everything about them is uncertain. No one knows their gender, what their face really looks like, what their true voice is, where they came from. Everyday Hood greets me with a different face. And Ash, he's...nice. A thief with a appreciation for expensive jewelry; he moves like liquid and when he bends over his muscles show and his jawline is...

   Can we not talk about Ash?
   ...Sure. Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

   I'm no longer in contact with them. My father and older brother are both involved in law enforcement though. My father handles and cares for the City Watch's weapons, while my brother is a recruit in the City Watch--at least, he was when I was still with them. My mother is under a tombstone, and as for my sister, she was planning her wedding. No doubt she's married now. 

    Did they cut you off when you joined the Murderer's Guild?

   I would say it's the other way around; I cut them off. I didn't go straight from working with my father for the City Watch to suddenly being a criminal in a couple of seconds. There was a long period in between where I was with this guy--who'd I'd rather not talk about right now--and they didn't approve of him, so I slowly broke contact with them. Later this guy convinced me to join the Murderer's Guild with him.

   Are you still with him?

   No. He broke it off shortly after I joined--or should I say got bored of me. Despite my attempts to make him jealous, he moved on to another girl within a day.

   Finally, to wrap up our questions, what are five quick facts about you?

   1) Despite my Murderer's Guild tattoo, two out of three people I killed weren't murdered on purpose.

   2) My favourite colour is red, without a doubt.


   4) I judge a person first and foremost on their wardrobe.

   5) My prized weapons are rings that double as iron knuckles. They will leave bruises on your face, guaranteed.

What do you think about Mercy? Would you like me to do more character guest posts? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? 
Let Mercy and I know in the comments; we love hearing from you! <3

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  1. Nice to meet you, Mercy! Your name is lovely, and you sound like quite an interesting person to meet. Although, you'd probably not approve of my usual wardrobe choice ... *glances down at baggy, mismatching pajamas*

  2. Why thank you Hannah! It would be a delight to meet you too. Well you see, fashion all depends on how confident you are, so I'm sure with the right attitude your lovely self could pull it off. (Message from Melissa: thanks so much for commenting!)

  3. Love this post very much! Would love to see more about alllllllll the guests at Safe House! <3

    1. Thanks Grace! :) I hope to have more guests of Safe-House interviewed soon. Thanks so much for commenting! XD