Inspiration is one of those things that is impossible to control. It pops into your life with no warning, but can't be forced to come...

   Inspiration is one of those things that is impossible to control. It pops into your life with no warning, but can't be forced to come to you. Despite that, I always get super excited when inspiration hits me on the head and says: "Hey, over here!"

   Sometimes it's hard to pin-point exactly where story ideas develop from, but I've identified four places that never fail me.

1) What if?

    I'm the type of person that gets lost in thought or daydreams very easily. I might be in math class or in the car, for example, and when my brain thinks of an interesting topic or my eyes wander around, boom. I'm gone, lost in the depths of my imagination. 

    What if that man walking down the street was actually a bomber walking away from an explosion he just set, and the timer is ticking down? What if that teen actually didn't run away but was kidnapped? What if *insert mythical creature here* existed in the modern world?

    Even if I never end up writing any of the 'what if?s' into a story, every now and then one jumps out, and I know I can develop it into something amazing.

Not that I do this while daydreaming, but I've thought about it
2) Real Life

    When I say real life, I don't just mean what's happening in my own life. I draw inspiration from situations people are actually experiencing everywhere in the world. For example, more than half of my characters in my manuscript Golden Revenge are refugees. There are so many refugees in the world right now, and through my story I hope to let people know the problems and fears they go through. I hope I do all of them justice with my words.

3) Art

   Art doesn't just apply to painting, or sculptures, or drawing. Art, to me, is anything that tells a story, whether it be music, writing, or dance. So many song lyrics spark ideas in my brain and I can build off them and create my own story. Other books apply to this section too. 

   While you should never copy someone else's ideas, think of fairy-tales. There are dozens of fairy-tale retellings out there, and each of them have their own spin on a traditional story.

4) Nature

    Our world is stunning. Looking at scenic photographs of far off places often inspire settings in my fantasy worlds, and learning about all the different kinds of wildlife is prefect for creating fantastical creatures. The world is so vast, it's practically impossible to not be inspired by it, no matter what genre you write.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you share any of my places, or do you have others? Are you a daydreamer? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you have a day full of inspiration! <3

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  1. I definitely draw inspiration from all of these places!
    I get a lot of ideas, too, once I already have a story idea and start jotting down scenes ideas and random facts. Ideas to fill plot holes or solve story problems just start exploding out of my pen. XD (not that all of it is useful... or coherent later when I try to remember my 'ingenuousness' ;P)

    Another place I find inspiration from is the shower. I've had so many great ideas in there. XD
    Great post!

    1. Thanks Jeneca! <3 Yes the shower is an awesome place to get ideas (as is the minute before you fall asleep). Haha yeah things I write when I get supposed brilliant ideas always seem so strange when I read through them later. Thanks for commenting! :D

  2. Lovely post! I get inspiration from Pinterest, paintings, and mashing together abandoned + old ideas.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you Ellie! :) You have a great list too. Reading through my old ideas often helps me build off new ideas, and of course, Pinterest is always amazing. Thanks so much for commenting! <3

  3. This is beautiful and entirely inspiring! I LOVE IT. I'm like totally boring when it comes to inspiration. I get it when I go walking! I'm constantly imagining stories just when I walk around. ohhh, and I also do get inspired while reading/watching movies. Not like "oh I'm going to copy this" but more like "oh that just sparked a thought" which is my favourite thing of ever. :') I also get inspiration from pinterest OF COURSE. And from...doing dishes.😂 Somehow that's apparently really inspiring omg.

    1. Thanks Cait! <3 Sadly I don't get to walk around much (I live smack bang in the middle of the city and there are basically no parks around) but that actually sounds like a cool place to get inspiration. :) Yup I love it when ideas spark like that. Haha I guess it's inspiring because your mind doesn't have to focus on the task that much? XD Thank you so much for commenting! :D

  4. Nature is one of the best places to draw inspiration from. Many writers used to go for long walks to refresh their minds and give them ideas

    1. Yes, nature and being out in it are beautiful places to get inspiration. I can understand how many people get inspired on walks; they're so relaxing! :) Thank you for commenting Resh! XD