It's time for a tag! The lovely Jeneca  tagged me for the Fantastic Dialog Tag. It was started by Nate Philbrick  and the aim is to...

     It's time for a tag! The lovely Jeneca tagged me for the Fantastic Dialog Tag. It was started by Nate Philbrick and the aim is to share your favourite five snippets of dialog said completely out of context.

     All these snippets are from Golden Revenge (which I am half way through first drafting, yay!)

      Bit of context for the next one: moussaka is a type of food. Plus I kind of cheated here by putting in three lines, but you know...they relate!

     And that's it! Now to tag some people (if they want to do it XD)... 

     Victoria @ Wanderer's Pen

     Laura @ Boats Against the Current

      And YOU!!! If you want to do this tag, go ahead and share all your fantastic dialog!

What's your favorite snippet of dialog from your WIP? Do you have to keep reminding your characters that they don't have to stab things all the time? And if you've done the tag, link in the comments!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like such a fun tag! I've been struggling to come up with post ideas recently, so I might have to give it a try.
    ONLY ALL THE TIME. Like no, Xavius, put that sword BACK IN ITS SHEATH and try diplomacy for once. xD

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Haha, characters love to stab things, don't they? I constantly tell them off, but they never seem to listen! Definitely give the tag a whirl; I had so much fun putting together this post! I'd love to see your dialog snippets. :) Thanks so much for commenting Ellie! XD

  2. I love these quotes! Even out of context, they make me want to read more. Though the moussaka one makes me hungry! ;)

    1. Aw thank you! I'm glad it made you want to read more. XD Haha yeah, whenever I write about food, I always have a desire to go open up my fridge. Thanks for dropping by, Mareike! :D