Songs of the Deep: Yes Girl

I listen to a variety of music, whether it be clean rap, alternative, pop, Christian music, or powerful moody songs. Today I am super excited to share a new song in the last category. For the past day I've been blaring this strong beat into my earphones. 

Listen, and enjoy!

(Note: I couldn't upload the official audio of the song, but here is a lyrics version)

Song Title: 'Yes Girl'
Singer(s): Bea Miller
Written By: Pop & Oak, Ilsey Juber, and Bea Miller

How I Discovered this Song: I've listened to Bea Miller for a while, and think she is a super talented singer. I'm subscribed to her Youtube channel, and was immensely pleased when she uploaded this song a few days ago.

What I Love About It: Bea Miller's voice is quite raw and rough, which really makes the song very powerful to me. The beat also builds up along with her voice, drawing you into the chorus.

Emotional Connection: I understand this song as standing up for yourself and not going along with what other people think simply because you are afraid of them. 'Yes Girl' also reminds me of one of my main characters from Draped in Deception, Lissaer, who learns to stand up for what she believes in during the course of the book.

Favourite Lyrics: Every time I listen, the way the below lines are written and sung pull me in and grab my attention.

"Just let me go, just let me go. Won't be your yes girl, no, not anymore. You used to always let me in; do you even know you've changed?"

Best Listened to When: You're in the mood for a song that pushes you to be strong, or when you're writing a scene where your characters need a shove to keep fighting.

Have you listened to Yes Girl before? What do you like/not like about this song? What styles of music do you listen to? Let me know in the comments; I'd love to hear from you!


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