I'm really happy to let you know that I will be participating in a link-up called 'A Book's Genesis' hosted by Daniell...


     I'm really happy to let you know that I will be participating in a link-up called 'A Book's Genesis' hosted by Danielle Ark. I'm a bit behind, so I will technically be posting April's topic at the end of May. But that's okay! I'm a tad late to the party, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good time. *winks*

     A Book's Genesis is all about chatting about your WIPs, what inspired you to start writing it, your writing process, and so on.

     Let's get to it!

In Beautiful People I talked about Taylan from 'Golden Revenge', but I thought it only fair to talk about another WIP I am super passionate about: 'Draped in Deception'.
What is it about? Make a blurb for us, Melissa.
(Warning: I am bad at summarizing)

Teenage warrior Lissaer Jianca must kill the rival royal family to prove her worth to her mother, but a fear of blood and killing holds her back. Lissaer goes under disguise in an enemy city, but when she is tricked into an illegal fighting ring, she brings more enemies to the table. Prince Eric Relen wants to do his duty for the Lacerian Empire, but he can't read. He desires nothing more than to find someone who loves him for his personality and not his title, but he is thrown into an arranged political marriage. When Lissaer and Eric meet, something grows between them. Something stronger than friendship.
Love or duty. Hate or worth. Fear or passion. 
How do you decide when the tides of war are sweeping in?

A really short summary:

Falling for the wrong person + illegal fight-to-the-death rings + fear of blood + "real women kill" + fantasy version of dyslexia + romance + disguises + sucky duties + sassy physicians + finding your worth = Draped in Deception

(All pictures from pinterest, but combined by me)

Where is it set?
     I'll talk about the broad setting of Draped in Deception this time.
     Draped in Deception is set in a world of my own making, called Terra'imperi, where there are two major people groups at odds: the Lacerians, and the Beautians. They have been at war for hundreds of years. The major reason for their hatred of each other is their difference in religion, looks, culture, and past slaughters on both sides.
     Beautians reserve touch for marriage; Lacerians are open with it. Lacerians believe in one god; Beautians believe in twelve.
     In case you were wondering, Eric is a Lacerian prince, while Lissaer is a Beautian warrior. 
     There are other people groups in the story (such as Adireans: lake people who wear headscarves and focus more on spirits, and Teriteans: who are obsessed with science) but they are much smaller in number than the Lacerians or Beautians.

Tell us about Eric and Lissaer:

(I imagine Eric looks similar to Freddie Smith,
but not as neat and with a crooked grin)
      I'm so glad you asked! ;) They are very complicated characters who both struggle with what they want and what their cultures demand of them, self-worth, and who to trust.
     To give you a quick snap of what they are like, Eric is very awkward, often sweet and considerate, but if you hurt him or those he cares about, he will not leash his temper. He also has very low self-esteem as he suffered major bullying because of his inability to read. He loves emberball (imagine soccer/football, but with a burning ball).
     Lissaer has been considered weak ever since she refused to kill. She goes on her mission in a last desperate attempt to prove she is strong to her mother, who is the head of the Beautian army. She likes to stick to plans, is passionate about beading jewellery, and even though she is talented at fighting, she never enjoys it.

     So that wraps up the basics of Draped in Deception. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks to learn how I got the idea, more about a certain sassy physician, and my writing process!

What do you think of Eric and Lissaer? Would you like to know more about Draped in Deception? Have you participated in A Book's Genesis (if so, post your link below!) Let me know in the comments; I love hearing from you!

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  1. Ohhh your really short summary is MY FAVOURITE. Sassy physicians? Dyslexia? Fights? Forbidden romance? *SCREAMS* This book sounds amazing, Melissa :D Also Eric seems like a total darling. :')

    1. YAY! I'm sooo happy you like the sound of it. XD I swear all my book ideas are like the really short summary (a mix mash of all different elements I like). Eric really is a darling. He's so awkward but somehow manages to compliment everyone while being it?? Thank you so much for reading and comment Cait! :D

  2. Hi Melissa! I think I already left a comment but for some reason it's not showing. So Sorry if I sound repetitive...

    Welcome to ABG! Don't worry about being late. I messed up my own party schedule :) so I'll be reformatting the feature to make it more flexible :)
    I love how complex and epic the world of Draped in Deception
    sounds :)
    Can't wait for more posts and learn more about Eric and Lissaer :)

    1. No worries, I'm not sure why the comment didn't show. Sorry about that! Thank you! It took me a long time to create the world and characters and try to make them unique. Thanks for dropping by and hosting A Book's Genesis, Daniela! :)